Q & A

Common Question about Casa Bosque Verde, Manuel Antonio, and/or Costa Rica:

What is the Cancellation Policy?
A $100 fee and disbursements will be charged against any cancellation.  Cancellations 30 days or less prior to the booking will not be refunded as it is highly unlikely we can rebook at this point.  A $500 cash damage deposit or credit card authorization is due at time of check-in in exchange for keys.

How far is the nearest Beach?
The house is about a 30 minute walk to the nearest beach, the quiet end of Playa Espadilla.  Playa Espadilla is the largest and most popular beach in the area.  The majority of places are on a ridge away from the beaches, and our house is on this ridge.

Where is Casa Bosque Verde Located?
Our location is right in the pueblo of Manuel Antonio at the top of the ridge.  If you are familiar with the area we are on a side street off of Super Joseth (Manuel Antonio’s biggest grocery store), just 200 meters away from the main road.

How close is it to nearby Restaurants and Services?
It so close to the major restaurants, bars, and services that you can walk everywhere and never rent a car.  It is very close to Milagro Cafe, Barba Roja, Salispuedes, Kapi Kapi, Mar Luna, and the Promerica ATM.  There is also really good bus and taxi services so getting around is very easy anywhere along the only main road between Quepos and the national park.

What can I see from the House, what is the inside like?
The house overlooks the pool and into a tiny valley with jungle vegetation.  You can watch monkeys go up and down the valley and they often come into the yard and sometimes over the house to eat the plantains.

The house is fully furnished and supplied; linens, towels, all utensils, plates, microwave, coffee maker, blender, stereo, 4 TVs, DVD player & air conditioning is all included.  There is laundry service available through our housekeeper, for a $5 fee per load, if needed.  The stove and BBQ run on gas. Supplies, such as food, extra toiletries, etc are all available at the grocery at the end of the street, Super Joseth.

Is the pool Clothing Optional?
That’s totally up to you.

Can I bring my dogs?
Becasue of damages in the past, we DO NOT allow dogs.

Can I bring my Cell Phone to Costa Rica?
Phone lines in Costa Rica are different than in the US, your cell will need a “world handset” or “world phone” to operate GSM technology at 1800 MHz.  The US is on a different frequency, so check with your phone company to see if your cell phones will work.  We recommend to bring your cell as many do work in Costa Rica.  Most people living in or visiting Costa Rica use cell phones because the dedicated line system is poor.  Cell phone reception works fine at our house as long as the phone itself will work in Costa Rica.

People can call you from the US or Canada into our house.  They simply dial 011-506-2777-3343.  To call to our house locally in Costa Rica (all calls within Costa Rica are local and free) it is 2777-3343. All CR phone numbers are 8 digits.  Those with starting with a 2 are dedicated lines, and those with an 8 are cell phones.

How far is the nearest Local Bus or Taxi?
There is a bus and taxi stand at the end of our street.  With the 25 cent bus, it is a very short, less than 5 minute ride to the crowded end of the beach; the bus stops at the National Park.

What are the Roads and Driving like in Costa Rica?
As for driving, just keep in mind it is not like the US or Canada.  Costa Rica is famous for narrow, windy, slow roads with tons of pot holes, but the roads have been significantly improved in the past 2 years. But, in some parts, a 50km drive may take an hour or two.  Just plan more time to get around than what you might be used to.

In San José, only major roads are marked and all the side roads have no markings – plus, buildings do not have street numbers; so unless you know the city and speak spanish driving can be interesting or frustrating depending on your mindset.

If you plan to tour the country, then renting a car is recommended and it is beautiful driving from place to place.  If you will be on the main roads, driving will be fine.  If you have only a couple places plus tours, then taxis, Interbus, and Sansa Airlines or Nature Air is just fine to get around; tour operators will often want you to take their buses anyway.

In Quepos/Manuel Antonio, there is a bus (about 60 cents for the fair) that runs up and down the road from Quepos to the National Park every 20 minutes and many taxis – so if you decide not to get a car, you will be fine.

What are some car rental companies in Manuel Antonio?
The car rental companies we use most often when we decide to rent a car are below, there others in Quepos:

Econony: http://www.economyrentacar.com/

Adobe: http://www.adobecar.com/

Budget: http://www.budget.co.cr/

It is common for people to rent cars in Costa Rica, but there a few things you should know.  Most importantly, liability insurance is a compulsory purchase with your rental but is rarely included in the cost of your car rental quote or reservation.  It is typically $15 per day.  Collision damage insurance (CDW) is an additional cost to liability insurance, typically $30-35 per day.  It can be covered by your credit card, however it is very important to get a Confirmation of Coverage Letter from your credit card company before you arrive to Costa Rica.  They may ask for this, or other proof of insurance from your credit card company.  Without it, rental car companies will charge you for both liability insurance and collision damage insurance.  Do an extremely good and thorough check of any scratches and damages before you leave the rental car lot.  Rental car companies in Costa Rica will often charge for the smallest of scratches.

Is there a Bus or Private Transportation to the San José Airport or other Locations in Costa Rica?
There are a number of bus lines in Costa Rica, including a bus station in the centre of Quepos that has service to other parts of Costa Rica. Another option is Interbus which will take you from Manuel Antonio to the front door of many hotels in other parts of Costa Rica.

Interbus: http://www.interbusonline.com/home/home.asp

How far is the nearest airport?
The Quepos airport is a short taxi ride away, about 10 minutes or 8km.  It is served by Sansa and Nature Airlines; most flights go to and from San José; there are multiple and very cheap flights everyday.  San José has 1 airport: the Aeropuerto International Juan Santamaría, Sansa and Nature Air are there.  These airlines are quickest way to get to Manuel Antonio as it is a 15 or 20 minute flight on small 10-15 seat planes.  Otherwise the drive is a minimum 2 1/2 hour drive.  It can take longer depending on traffic or construction waits.

What are the local Airlines from San José?
There are two local airlines that have a number of daily flights to San José:

Sansa: http://www.flysansa.com/

Nature Air: http://www.natureair.com/

Should we Bring Cash, or can I use my Credit Cards?
Yes, bring Colones and your credit cards.  You should have no problem making purchases with your cards.  However, Costa Rica is far behind banking in Europe and Canada which use chip technology.  It is eventually coming to the US, but many US Banks still do not use chip techology in their cards.  Many chip technology bank cards are very likley not to work in any bank or in their ATMs in Costa Rica.  There are exceptions and this is changing. We have had success with CITI Bank, Banco de San José, and sometimes ATMs from other banks (it is quite hit and miss).  You may have to visit a branch to get cash.  We recommend bringing Costa Rican Colones with you, before you arrive, and to use your credit card for purchases.  Chip technology will work to make purchases.